VoIP – What do you need to consider

A new VoIP system is not only investment in terms of cost but it’s also an investment in new ways of working and renewed collaboration within teams.

So, what kind of things do you need to look out for when looking at different options?

The Features

VoIP phone systems deliver a modern phone system at a minimal cost. There are some powerful features that can transform your business such as call forwarding, auto-attendant, voicemail, and conferencing.

Make sure some of these features are provided as standard and if they’re not, be aware of what the cost will be if and when you decide to add them.

The Cost

Costs can escalate when deciding on a new VoIP system, so it’s crucial that you have a budget, you stick to it but at the same time make sure you get a system that meets your business needs.

Areas which could boost the price are:

  • Initial installation and setup fee
  • Any upgrades
  • Call costs
  • Any training and support packages
  • Maintenance charges

The Scalability

VoIP systems are great for scaling up or down.  Businesses are constantly changing so it’s’ essential the communications system in place is able to meet those changes.

Always ensure the phone system you’re choosing allows users to be added and removed at no extra costs and extra features can also be included should they be required.

The Third-Party Integrations

A huge advantage of VoIP systems is the ability to integrate with other business applications. Look at how the applications and CRM systems your business uses will integrate with the VoIP system you’re choosing.

A truly unified communications system is business transformational and has the agility to move with the business, so it’s crucial you get it right.

The Flexibility

Make sure the VoIP provider that you choose has a mobile app or online portal that allows you to make changes whenever you need to and at a time to suit your team.

The app needs to be very functional, allowing your team to be connected wherever they’re working.



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